The home of fairly traded goods in Melton Mowbray! The Fairtrading Post in Melton Mowbray has a wide range of quality food and crafts produced under the fairly traded goods umbrella.



The Fairtrading Post is closed due to the corona virus outbreak.

Many people in Melton are still out and about as if everything is normal & by remaining open would be encouraging this.

Contacts from the London hospitals are warning that we need to take it the situation very seriously indeed by social distancing. The situation in the hospitals there is very bad.

We want to thank our customers & staff very much & hope that you all keep well until life is back to normal.

We stock amongst other things:

Introducing Fairtrade:

For producers, Fairtrade means prices that aim to cover the costs of sustainable production, an additional Fairtrade Premium, advance credit, longer term trade relationships, and decent working conditions for hired labour.

Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fairtrade offers producers a better deal and improved terms of trade. This allows them the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Fairtrade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their every day shopping.

When a product carries the FAIRTRADE Mark it means the producers and traders have met Fairtrade standards. The standards are designed to address the imbalance of power in trading relationships, unstable markets and the injustices of conventional trade (see our Links page for further, more in-depth information and resources).

Criteria for Fairtrade Goods:

Help us change things for the poor of the Third World, who grow much of our food and make excellent crafts.

You can really make a difference!

Our vision is a world freed from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just, and people and communities can flourish.

Fair Trade Companies Believe In:

Please come and visit us. We are open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm and you are assured of a friendly welcome!